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Architect/Designers: Pablo Paredes, AIA, Beeler Consulting Architects, DZI Design Build. 37000 square feet of office improvement and new laboratory construction including: A 8000 square foot executive suite and board room with extensive custom cherry mill work, high ceilings with soffiiting, new storefront and HVAC throughout, LED lighting; a new commissary commercial kitchen complete with walk in cooler, full cook line and provisions for a mobile commercial kitchen mounted in a custom trailer; 6000 SF of production testing labs including 100 tons of HVAC, bulk nitrogen supply and UPS; and various laboratory, office and support projects.


ICE Innovative Commercial Environments

Architect/Designer: idStudios, Don Pittman Design, 1,400 sf offices and conference room with drop soffit, and break room.


synthetic genomics, inc

Architect/Designer: RDA, DZI design assist. Multiple projects, 70,000 sf, for Synthetic Genomics including the build-out of various wet labs, executive offices, site work and campus fiber optic network.


synthetic genomics, inc (cALIPATRIA CAMPUS)

8,000 sf of site utilities, fire pump building, algae pond containment, and R&D labs.


meissner jacquet

25,000 sf of multiple spec suites, electrical upgrades and common area construction.


America's Tire/Discount Tire

Ground up retail tire store on a difficult infill lot. 8000 square feet, two-story masonry and steel building with full site improvements, including all utilities crossing major streets.  Features include polished floors, steel tire mezzanine and high volume low speed ceiling fans.


Downtown San Diego F Street Parking

Architect: EOS Architecture. DZI provided consulting and construction services for a 35,000 sf parking lot at the corner of F and G Streets at 7th Ave; including demolition of three existing structures totaling 40,000 SF of floor area, excavation and compaction, paving, landscaping and lighting with new electric and service permeable paving.



Casey Family Programs

Design-build MEP, new board room, reception area, restrooms and roof.




Architect/Designer: Don Pittman Design

4,600 sf, MEP design-build with two data centers, multiple offices and conference rooms.


Champions of the West Plaza

Architect/Designer: Don Pittman Design 4,100 sf office tenant improvements



Architect/Designer: DZI design-build. Soils laboratory and HEPA filtration system.



3,500 sf of office tenant improvements in an occupied space.


touchstone realty

Architect/Designer: DZI design-build. Excavation, paving and signage.



125,000 sf design-build, new high bay energy efficient lighting, hydraulic dock leveling and locking systems, and warehouse electrical distribution.



11,444 sf design-build MEP, remodeled office area, new high bay energy efficient lighting.



Architect/Designer: Austin Veum Robbins Partners Greg Dziewit managed jobs prior to DZI. $2.6 million, 50,000 sf, mixed-use facility. Project included the conversion of pre-existing warehouse space into a combination of high technology research, development labs and corporate offices. Project featured 10,000 sf of clean room, automated optical manufacturing line, wet labs, process utilities and three new mechanical yards.


Molecular Medicine BioServices, Inc.

Greg Dziewit managed jobs prior to DZI. $4.4 million, 26,000 sf cGMP manufacturing facility, including 10,000 sf of clean rooms. Project was a highly involved design/build resulting in a facility capable of concurrently manufacturing multiple viral products for clinical trials. Each manufacturing suite had separate HEPA filtered exhaust providing complete containment in the facility. The project included glass wash, depyrogenation and autoclavng facilities, as well as USP purified water, emergency backup, an additional product development lab suite and a new server room. The project had zero hits on its FDA cGMP inspection.


fed ex

Greg Dziewit managed jobs prior to DZI. 75000 sf, new construction and finishes, exterior improvements and connection of buildings, and dock modifications.


quest diagnostics

Greg Dziewit managed jobs prior to DZI. $1.4 million, 35,000 sf of tenant improvements: office and support facilities; and 15,000 sf of laboratories with microbiology labs, blood pathogen testing labs, and cold rooms. Rebuilt HVAC system, cooling system towers and control systems.


woodbury university

Architect/Designer: Rinehart Herbst.  Greg Dziewit managed jobsprior to DZI $1.25 million, 27,000 sf campus renovation in downtown San Diego. An old warehouse space was transformed into an architectural university campus, including classrooms, library, studio and computer lab.


Regus/HQ Global

Greg Dziewit managed job prior to DZI. Common area renovation of three occupied executive office suites totaling 60,000 sf, including customer lounges, conference rooms, modular arts walls and 3form panels.


Alphatec Spine

Architect/Designer: KMA Architects. Greg Dziewit managed job prior to DZI. $2.3 million, 104,637 sf multi-phase lab and office project, including construction of 75,000 sf manufacturing, lab and cadaver lab spaces.

USD Serra Hall Renovation/Vivarium

Architect/Designer: RDA Greg Dziewit managed job prior to DZI $2.7 million, 30,000 sf in a three-story, limited access building. Renovation of teaching facilities, laboratories, offices, and support rooms including 10,000 sf of new ALAAC qualified vivarium.



Paramount Biosciences

Architect/Designer: Gensler Greg Dziewit managed job prior to DZI$1.3 million, 8,143 sf of tenant improvements, including construction of a high-end reception and lobby area, class “A” office space, conference rooms and break and lounge areas; with glass office walls and doors, polished concrete, and wood wall paneling.


Alexandria Real Estate Equities

Greg Dziewit managed job prior to DZI $3.5 million, 30,000 sf spec laboratory. Complete build out of lab and support space, including new electric service, HVAC, process gas and de-ionized water loop.


Socione supreme Oil

Architect/Designer: Ware Malcomb. Greg Dziewit managed job prior to DZI. $500,000, 5,000 sf offices, with open ceilings, overhead aluminum doors in offices, brickwork, custom lighting and stained concrete flooring.



Greg Dziewit managed jobs prior to DZI. $1.6 million, 21,000 sf of tenant improvements, including boardroom, training and meeting facilities and corporate offices.